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2019 Results for Maine Teams.

Week 1 at NE District - Granite State Event. Congratulations to:

Team 4564 Orange Chaos from Brewer HS received the Imagery Award, and was a quarter finalist.

Team 5687 The Outliers from Baxter Academy in Portland, Excellence in Engineering Award, and District Event Winner for the NE District - Granite State Event. 

Team 6329 The Buck's Wrath from Bucksport HS, a semi finalist who won the Quality Award. 

Also participating at Granite State was Team 5265 Radical Impact from Cheverus HS and 5633 Hyde Cyber Wolves from Hyde School. 

Week 2 at NE District - SE Mass Event

Team 58 The Riot Crew from South Portland HS was a semi finalist.

Team 172 Northern Force from Gorham HS and Falmouth HS won the Judges Award and was a quarter finalist. 

Team 6224 The Saint Dominators from St. Dominic Academy was a semi finalist

Week 3 at NE Diestrict - North Shore Event

Team 6161 Equilibrium from Gray New Gloucester HS, ranked 4th, Captain of Alliance 4, semi finalist

Team 2648 Infinite Loop from Messalonskee HS, Ranked 6th, Captain of Alliance 5, quarter finalist

Team 4906 The Collective from Mid-Maine Technical Center, Ranked 8th, Captain of Alliance 6, semi finalist

Team 6153 Blue Crew from Foster Regional Applied Technical Center won the Industrial Design Award, ranked 17th, picked by Alliance 5, quarter finalist

Also participating at North Shore was Team 3930 SMART from Spruce Mountain HS, and Team 5265 Radical Impact from Cheverus HS.

Week 3 at NE District - Southern NH Event

Team 133 B.E.R.T. from Bonny Eagle HS won the Industrial Design Award, ranked 1st, Captain of Alliance 1, winner of the event. 

Team 4041 Iron Tigers from Gardner Area HS won the Gracious Professionalism Award, ranked 3rd, Captain of Alliance 3, semifinalist

Team 4473 Delta Prime from Hall-Dale HS, ranked 28th, picked by Alliance 4, quarter finalist 

Team 6337 Terror Bytes from Maine Central Institute, ranked 16th, picked by Alliance 7, quarter finalist

Also participating at Southern NH was Team 3609, the Duct Tape Dragons from the Boys and Girls Club of South Portland.

Week 4 at NE District - Rhode Island Event

Team 133 B.E.R.T. from Bonny Eagle HS was ranked 4th, picked by the #2 Alliance, was a finalist, and won the Quality Award. 

Week 4 at NE District - Greater Boston Event

Team 3597 Robo-Rangers from Kittery was ranked 12th, was the captain of the #8 Alliance, made the quarter finals and won the Creativity Award. 

Team 5687 Outliers from Baxter Academy for Tech & Sciences in Portland was ranked #1, Captain of the #1 Alliance, overall winner, and also the winner of the Autonomous Award. 

Congratulations to all of our Maine teams!

Week 5 at NE District - Central Mass Event

Team 58 The Riot Crew, Ranked 6th, picked by Alliance #3, quarter finalist, won 1 round

Team 172 Northern Force, Ranked 4th, captain of the #3 Alliance, quarter finalist, won 1 round

Week 5 at NE District - UNH Event

Team 3451 The Anomoly, Ranked 33rd

Team 3597 Robo-Rangers Ranked 8th, Captain of #5 Alliance, Quarter finalist

Also participating at UNH were Team 3451 The Anomoly and Team 6172, the Mad Dogs. 

Week 6 at NE District - Pine Tree Event 

Name Pine Tree Hartford
133 B.E.R.T 133
172 Northern Force 172
2648 Infinite Loop 2648
3451 The ANOMALY 3451
3609 Duct Tape Dragons 3609
3930 SMART Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team 3930
4041 Iron Tigers 4041
4473 Delta Prime 4473
4564 Orange Chaos 4564
4906 The Collective 4906
5265 Radical Impact 5265
5633 Hyde Cyber Wolves 5633
5687 The Outliers 5687
6153 Blue Crew 6153
6161 Equilibrium 6161
6172 The Mad Dogs 6172
6224 The Saint Dominators 6224
6329 The Bucks' Wrath 6329
6337 Terror Bytes 6337

If you are not competing please come and cheer on the Maine teams.

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